You were the first person I gave myself to in a long time.

It wasn’t intentional, it really just happened.

Everything happened so effortlessly, you were so familiar

I suddenly became addicted in such a short time.

I never told anyone this but you’re the reason I smoke cigarettes

You’re the reason I drink coffee religiously now

I remember your kisses, they were my favorite. They left the taste of Marlboro and black coffee in my mouth

I never wanted it to leave

I had to find a way to taste it all the time.

I hope you’re happy because you deserve it

I rather you happy than me, because I’m more familiar with sad and being hurt. I kind of know how to deal with it now.

I’m used to it.

I hope if I ever am loved again, it’s by someone like you

But I really hope I’m not ever loved again.

You’re lovely, my dear.

I hope you miss me.